10 Workout Mistakes That Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts

There are some serious workout mistakes that everyone who’s trying to get in shape and shed excess fat must avoid making. Even with the best of intentions, one grave mistake can either cost you your progress or leave you injured and unable to work out. Let’s go over what you need to know to avoid fitness mishaps.

Don’t Make These Workout Mistakes

     1. Failing To Warm Up.

Doing a good warm-up before the workout is going to keep you injury-free and help you focus on the workout at hand, putting in a higher overall performance.

  1. Here are some benefits of a proper warm-up:

    – “Pre-heating” muscles. A warm muscle contracts more forcefully and relaxes more quickly, which increases both speed and strength. Also, you’re much less likely to overstretch and injure a warm muscle.

    – Dilating blood vessels. This reduces resistance to blood flow and lowers stress on your heart.

    – Engaging your cooling system. Starting to sweat during a warm-up helps cool your body more efficiently, and prevents overheating during your workout.

    – Increasing range of motion. Warm, flexible muscles give you the freedom of movement you need to exercise safely.

    – Releasing hormones. Energy-boosting hormones are produced during a warm-up, which triggers the burning of carbohydrates and fatty acids as “fuel.”

    – Mental prep. Your mind clears, focuses, and relaxes as you warm up.

    2. Not starting with compound exercises.

    Compound exercises require the most energy and should always be placed before isolation exercises in your workout program

    There are a number of different types of effective multi-joint exercises that can be used. Two of the best, and most common, exercises are the squat and the bench press. Other great exercises include the pull up (weighted) and the clean and press. Compound exercises can be used within any strength training program however they are better performed at the start of a workout session. This is due to the massive energy needs of the exercises and the build-up of lactic acids. All serious bodybuilders and dedicated athletes use this technique to ensure they get the most out of each workout. These results have been scientifically proven and will ensure your workouts are conducted in the most efficient manner.
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    Side effect of Multi-joint Exercises

    A great side effect of multi-joint exercises is they burn huge amounts of calories. This will see you shredding fat in no time. While you can’t convert fat into muscles, the combined mass building and fat burning properties of compound exercises will make it feel like your fat is turning into muscle.

    If time is short, or you want to mix up your program, compound exercises can provide an excellent complete workout on their own. A number of the Olympic power-lifting programs are designed using only one compound exercise per workout. In this type of program, you use only one compound exercise and perform 5 slow, heavy, reps per set. Rest between each set is also increased to ensure maximum recovery before completing the next set.

    3. Failing To Exercise with heavy weight.

    Do not be afraid of getting bulky. Many women make this mistake, and this mindset will significantly hinder progress.

    4. Failing to use a proper program setup.

    Full body workouts or upper/lower split plans tend to produce the best possible results.

     5. Not taking enough time to rest between sessions.

    Your muscles must have at least 48 hours of rest between workouts so be sure to give them enough time for the fibers to reknit to become stronger than before.

     6. Avoiding Variety.

    Never adding variety into your workout program is the fastest way to hit a plateau and experience serious workout boredom.

Don't make these 10 workout mistakes if you want to exercise to lose weight

        7.  Not tracking your progress.

 If you don’t keep a reminder of the results you’re seeing from spending time in the gym, there’s a greater chance your motivation will bottom out, losing the momentum you need to continue making improvements.


        8. Failing To Get help when you need it.

If you don’t understand an exercise, be sure to ask a personal trainer for assistance. Many injuries can be prevented this way!


        9. Not keeping your rest breaks honest.

Don’t take more than 1–2 minutes to rest between sets, or you’re just wasting time in the gym. Too long of a break can also mean you have to warm up all over again.


       10. Not balancing weightlifting with cardio.

Both deserve a place in a well-rounded workout routine.

Balancing Cardio & Weight Lifting

Cardio and weight lifting are two of the main components of a balanced work out regimen. If you can, you should plan your work outs so that your cardio sessions are on days when you aren’t performing any weight lifting at all. One of the main goals when planning your regimen and considering including cardio sessions should be to keep it at a light to moderate intensity. This way, the cardio will be a good addition to your training week instead of a hindrance.

        Break Up Your Sessions

If it is not possible to have your cardio solely on your off days, due to scheduling problems or you find you simply just require those off days to be completely off days, then you can do cardio and weight lifting on the same day. Be sure to note that your cardio should always be performed after lifting or in another session entirely. Also, if you can break the two workouts up by about four hours or more then you should.


The Bottom Line When It Comes To Not Making Workout Mistakes:

Are you making these vital errors? If so, now is definitely the time to shape up with your program and get on track to seeing faster results.

Making sure to regularly evaluate your workout program and take note of progress you are seeing is one of the best ways to ensure that you stay on course to meet your long-term goals. Remember that even if a workout program is well-designed, if it never changes, eventually it will lead to a progress plateau. Constant change is a must if you want to see constant results.

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